What is Faith3?

Faith3 means that faith is threefold.

Head: Our focus on revisioning theological education for a new age is at the core of our integrated view of faith.
Heart: A heart filled with love of others, self and God motivates us.
Hands: Faith without actions is not faith at all (James 2:17). What we learn and how we love motivates the action of our lives.
Toni Reynolds

“I see myself worshiping with people who desire healthy and difficult conversations, who hold one another accountable, and distribute and receive grace as we interact with each other. A commitment to improving our habits, working to preserve and improve our spaces for the generations to come, is paramount.”

Toni ReynoldsUnion Theological Semianry
Nick Ison

If I have a ‘call story,’ this is it. In that moment, I realized that there was something about service that made profound sense to me, and the calm contentment it provided led me to explore the God leaders of the service trip had been talking about but that I had, until that point, ignored.”

Nick IsonPrinceton Theological Seminary
Scott Bostic

“…my hope that through studying in Seminary I will find and avenue to care for God’s people [where I live]—not only pastorally, but also practically, even through something as simple as the shoes on their feet.”

Scott BosticWesley Theological Seminary
Tavonda Hudson

“I see seminary as essential to my role in justice work.  The church is called to be a prophetic voice and an agent of uplift for those on the margins and yet Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.”

Tavonda HudsonMcAfee School of Theology

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